JFW is an aspirational brand representing people who make the most of their lives and are RESULTS oriented. Our products and apparel speak to the ideals of EXCELLENCE in every aspect of one's life. Our Logo signifies 168, which is the Number of Hours in a Week. The sign around it communicates that there is no longer a speed limit on the autobahn, hence no limit on what you can achieve!

In each of our product categories, you will find unique JFW apparel and merchandise, as well as other quality products from vendors that align with our message of living your
168 to the FULLEST!

We all start off EQUAL with the same number of 168 Hours. Those that choose to use those hours to get RESULTS should take the OATH, wear our stuff PROUDLY, SPREAD the MESSAGE and LIVE your 168 with NO LIMITS!

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will come back with results instead of excuses, return with solutions instead of questions and take full advantage of opportunities given to me. I refuse to be the victim, will take charge of my own destiny and get the job done. I am not entitled to anything based on my race, color, religion, creed or heredity. I will hustle and earn it. I will be 100% accountable for my own actions, and not measure myself against the average, because I am cut from a different cloth, I am stalwart, I am strong, I am an American!