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JFW168 is a brand that represents the ideals of EXCELLENCE, WINNING and RESULTS
in every aspect of one's life. Our Logo signifies 168 which is the Number of Hours in a Week.
The sign around it communicates that there is no longer a speed limit on the autobahn,
hence no limit on what you can achieve. In each of our product categories, you will find unique
JFW apparel and merchandise, as well as other quality products from vendors
that align with our message of living your 168 to the fullest.

We all start off
EQUAL with the same number of hours.
Some of us choose to use those hours to get
Take the OATH, wear and use our stuff PROUDLY,
the MESSAGE, and LIVE your 168 with NO LIMITS!


JFW168 is run and operated by our sons Trey Wallen (17 years old) and Bradlee Wallen (15 years old). Bradlee is responsible for all web-site design, messaging and marketing, and Trey is responsible for Vendor Partnerships and inventory management. Order Fullfillment is shared between the two of them.

In an effort to teach them tangible business skills, technology, as well as e-commerce; and steer them away from an attitude of entitlement, we launched the web-site in 2015. We began with t-shirt designs that have unapologetic sayings about striving for excellence and not wanting to be average. Trey and Bradlee have grown the business dramatically with dozens of new products and printed, boxed and shipped from their offices (in our basement). Most recently they transformed the business with the introduction of a Subscription Service, where they curate products from hundreds of vendors to fit the goals, hobbies and aspirations of the subscriber, and ship them quarterly customized surprise boxes!